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The SBA study on outdoor LED electronic message centers

SBA small Business Administration study on Outdoor LED (EMC) sign: For a business that chooses to enhance their signage with an Electronic Message Center display, the owner typically sees an increase of business of 15% to 150%.

Statistics prove that not only do Electronic Message Centers give a much appreciated, identification and direction, they portray a positive and welcoming attitude. Most importantly, a professional sign helps you achieve something you get one chance at… A Great First Impression!!!

A changeable copy sign vs an electronic message center

No more ladders! It’s accident-free and hassle-free. No more sorting the plastic letters. No more cold, snow, rain, ice or wind. No going back and forthwith ladders and letters. No more letters getting frozen in the track or dropping on the ground and breaking or fading and dirty tracks.

In the US there are over 360 reported accidents each year using 10’ or less ladders, resulting in approximately 300 death per year!

With an electronic message center it’s hassle-free and you save time and create more profit for your business.

Creative programing is quick and easy.

You will save plenty by retro fitting your existing sign. Plug in your own numbers to determine the exact savings:

This is based on a total average time to do the job, +/- 2 hours. For this amount of money per month your organization can own a digital display and change the message 24/7 from your laptop.